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All Keys Lost Programming using AVDI and JL006 for 2020 Land Rover Defender


This instruction will show you how to do key programming by using the latest functionality that Abrites(AVDI) released- JL006 on 2020 Land Rover Defender. It allows currently only Abrites to be programmed and we used a TA62 key. AMS is required together, a Pro Tag programmer is also a must so that the key can be prepared and programmed.

Here we need to mention that the programming procedure can be started if the alarm is not armed, if it is, the guys from Abrites told me that they are on their way to release a device that disables it but we still don’t know more about it…




Starting the Abrites Diagnostic for Jaguar/Land Rover

Select “Key Learning Special”


The procedure allows only TA62 to be used, click “OK”



Place the new TA62 key onto the Protag


Follow the on-screen instructions


It’s very important to make sure all preconditions are met, click “OK”


Open the driver’s door, then click “OK”


Placing the key once again on the ProTag


Now Key is programmed, wait until it’s finish.


The TA62 key is now ready to start the mighty Defender.


After programming, if the remote control does not start to operate immediately,you can press the lock/unlock buttons up to 10 times and it will be synchronized with the car. If that does not resolve the remote control, the car most definitely is equipped with a UWB module and an EM015 emulator can be fitted.

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