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Anti-theft Code Mercedes Benz

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Mercedes Benz Anti-Theft: Anti Theft Activation Radio Code 

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ID: MERC_SV_001 Category: Service Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz Anti-Theft: Anti Theft Activation Radio Code Removal Service


This listing is for a code which will remove the Anti Theft message displayed on Mercedes Benz screens as shown above. We can remove the theft code for all NTG versions


This message could be displayed if you have disconnected the battery or replaced your head-unit or replacing with a used one


You will need a xentry star computer to input the code. I have facilities in Manchester to do that also.

Before purchasing please supply the Serial Number and VIN of the vehicle to see if the code can be retrieved.


List Coverage: NGT 4.5, NGT 5.0, NGT 5S1, NGT 5S2, NGT 5.5, NGT 6.0, NGT 7.0


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