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Audi A8L EPC and Check Engine Light On: P2070 & P1054


A Audi A8L made 2014 with 70 thousands kilometers,equiped with 2.5 CVBA engine.The owner discribed that EPC light on,shake intermittently when accelerating,accelerate slowly, and hard to start.


Trouble Diagnose:


Technician found two trouble code by VAS6150.

P1054:Secondary Air Injection Pipe Malfunction

P2070:Intake Manifold Tuning Value Stuck Open Bank



Firstly,check the trouble code P2070:Intake Manifold Tuning Value Stuck Open Bank

  • Check the intake air control valve,it is normal.
  • Vacuum solenoid valve work correctly.
  • Auto water pump was damaged.


Technician found variable intake flaps work correctly after replacing a new water pump,and P2070 trouble cleanning.


Next,technician checked the trouble code P1054,below show the circuit diagram.


Audi A8L EPC and Check Engine Light On-2

Technician detected the voltage between cam control valve connector 1 and GND,it is 0 V(error),but the voltage between N319 connector and GND is 12.Check the diagram,it shows that N208 and N319 are supplied by the same one power.It mean there is a open circuit.


How to Solve?

P2070:Replacing a new water pump.

P1054:Fix the wire


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