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Audi Q5 A4L Rearview Mirror Turn Signal Lights not Working Repair


This is a mini post on how to repair Audi Q5,A4L rearview mirror turn signal lights can not work trouble.For Audi repair,please check more cases here:Audi Trouble Repair Projects.


Repair Procedures:

First step you need to remove the rearview mirror turn signal to test if the rearview miror turn signal lights work correctly.Here in this example it can work fine,so mechanic considered it maybe the door control module.


After remove the door control module,and remove the PCB to try the chip,it found the L9950XP chip was broken.So mechanic replace new one.After then solve the short-circuit problem,install PCB back,and then install door control module back on car.



Test Audi Q5,trouble symptom disappear and rearview mirror turn signal work fine.

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