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Autel MaxiIM608 Change Speed Limit for Mercedes Benz Sprinter


This instruction show you guide on how to use Autel MaxiIM608 to change speed limit for Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2013.




Build connection between Autel MaxiIM608 and Benz Sprinter 2013.

Then auto scan the vehicle to identify,and enter diagnostic function menu,to select “Control unit adaptations


Select “Maximum vehicle speed limit”


Now you can see your vehicle speed limit,current value is 92km/h,click “Yes to cotinue


Important note:

EU Directives 2004/11/EC and 92/24/EEC require that all motor vehicles belonging to classes N2 and M2/M3 be equipped with a speed limiter.

The maximum speed can only be changes by specially authrized individuals.

After a change to the maximum speed,a sticker with words to that effect (such as vSet=90 km/h(62 mph) must be placed in the vehicle;this applies to vehicles belonging to the classes named above.

The laws of the respective EU member states must be observed!


M2:Passenger transport vehicles with more than 8 seats in addition to the driver seat and a permitted gross weight of up to 5 t.


Select “Rescue vehicles,police or government vehicles”,and click “Selection” then press “OK”


Now you will get


Now you can read information again,and the current speed limit have change to:161 km/h



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