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BMW E-series Folding Mirror Coding Guide by NCS Expert


Folding mirror feature will allow you to hold the lock button on key fob for 2.5 seconds and the mirrors will automatically fold in. When the unlock button on the key fob is pressed, the mirrors will automatically fold back out. If you have Comfort Access installed, touching the driver or passenger door’s handle will allow the mirrors to fold in or out as well. And in this article I will share the BMW E-series folding mirror coding guide step by step,


What you need for folding mirror coding?


1. A coding cable,such as(K+CAN)

2. A laptop installed with (NCS Expert)

NCS Expert BMW Coding Software Download


Folding Mirror Feature Comfired Working Car Model:

BMW E90(from 2005~2011)

2007 E92/2012 E92

2008 E93 2008 M3


… …


If you have confirmed this feature works for a model year not listed, tell us by writing a reply to this tutorial below.


BMW E6x Coding List


Procedures of folding mirror coding:

In this guide case,i will take the BMW E60 as a example.

1. Connect the coding cable to your vehicle and laptop,then run the INPA software to confirm the battery and ignition is on(There are two black dot),then esc.

2. Launch the NCS Expert software.Click “File”–>”Load profile”–>”Expert Mode”,then click OK.

3. Press “F3” or click the buttom “ZCS/FA ECU”.Then choice your vehicle body stype,here i choice E60,select “CAS” click OK.

4 Then you will see it pull up VIN at top,and you need to hit F6 to back.Then click “Process ECU”,and you need to choice the module you want to work with.Here for folding mirror select “KGM”,then click “OK”

5. Hit F2 to changed job,choice “CODIFRINDEX_LESEN”,then click “OK”—>”Read ECU”.It may take a second,you will see a white page with a whole bunch of numbers and letters pull up,then close the white page window.

6. Then minimize NCS Expert software,and look for a file called FSW_PSW,a lot of people have dot TRC.Then copy it,and paste it in your backup folder.

7. Open the FSW_PSW file with notepad,find below and change it to as right show:


nicht_aktiv”         ===>                                                      aktive


nicht_aktiv”       ===>                      aktiv

Then save the change,the file type as all file,name it ”FSW_PSW.MAIN”

It prompt “FSW_PSW.MAIN” already exists.Do you want to replace it?Click Yes.

8. Go back to NCS Expert,click “F2” change job to select “SG_CODIEREN”–>click “OK”

9. Click “Execute job”.Now a lot of things that you execute you’ll see on the iDrive it will go black.Basicall reboot and the BMW will come up.If your motors are not in your rearview mirrors,it will not black,but you can go ahead and model now.


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