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BMW E90 Injector Coding With INPA


In this article I will show you how to code fuel injector for direct injection turbocharged engine BMW N54.And at the end of article I will put the video guide,if you need to know more detail,it better to watch the video.



What you need to code for BMW N54 engine fuel injector:

*A laptop installed BMW INPA software.


K+CAN run for BMW INPA

Procedures Of BMW N54 Injector Coding:


Step 1:Connect the K+CAN cable to the vehicle and laptop.


Step 2:Launch the BMW INPA software.


Step 3:Tab the “F9” to select BMW E90 classify,then software


Step 4:Select “Engine”–>Double click the “MSD 80.0 for N43 N53 & N54 with EWS4…”


Step 5:Then it show the German manual boxs,Select “F9”


Step 6:Tab “Shift +F4”


Step 7:The screen show the engine valve and the other show the fuel.


Step 8:Tab the “F1” to coding for injector 1,and enter the value “58.2” and “2.27” and then coding for others injectors.


Attention:Those values are stamped on the injectors during the manufacturing process. The injectors contain a piezo electric element. Due to the differences in conductivity of the piezo crystals, each injector has a slightly different tolerances when it is manufactured. All injectors go through a testing process in the factory and their measured tolerances are stamped onto their casings. When you replace injectors, you simply tell the ECU what are those tolerances.


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