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FSC Code: Once you enter a Code in your BMW, you will never need to enter another code again! Which means you never have to buy another code again! All you need is just the Map Data. Unlimited updates!! Usually, BMW releases twice new versions per year such as “2017-1″ & “2017-2″ therefore the life-time code is a much better choice.

  • Brand: BMW 💯
  • 100% warranty 💯
  • No Chinese fake 💯
  • Remote support & installation 💯
  • Contact us to get a special price 💯: Skype, Whatsapp
  • Worldwide and fast shipping 💯
  • Support 24/7 💯
  • Discount 15% 💯

ID: BMW_SEV_002 Category: SERVICES

FSC CODES for Premium, Move, Motion, NBT, EVO ID4 Systems. (NO MAPS included in price)


FSC codes for all regions. 


Europe, North America, Australia/New Zeeland, Japan, Argentina, China, Hongkong Macao, Middle East, India, Israel, Koreea, Northern Africa, SouthEast Asia, South America, Southern Africa, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey etc

FSC Code and maps are NOT GOOD FOR ROUTE, LIVE, WAY, EVO id5 and EVO id6 (Check photos). Ask for other systems.


FSC codes are genuine BMW OEM (Downloaded from BMW ASAP Server).

This FSC code is good just for map update. Your cars navigation unit must be in perfectly working condition. It is not good for BROKEN navigation units, it is not good for GREYED OUT navigation units, it is not good for RETROFITTED navigation units or for any NON FUNCTIONAL or NOT ACTIVE navigation units.

We need: - Full 17 digits car VIN (Vehicle identification number).

If you buy this product it is obvious that you know what are you buying and how to install it. Everything you do is at your own risk. I am not responsible for any problems encountered.


****Our Services has support for the following list of vehicles:

- Model Fxx: BMW F01 (above) 5th-gen 7-series, 2008-; BMW F02 5th-gen 7-series LWB, 2008-; BMW F03 5th-gen 7-series armoured, 2008-; BMW F06 1st-gen 6-series Gran Coupe; BMW F10 6th-gen 5-series saloon, 2010-; BMW F11 6th-gen 5-series Touring, 2010-; BMW F12 3rd-gen 6-series convertible, 2011-; BMW F13 3rd-gen 6-series coupe, 2011-; BMW F15 3rd-gen X5 replacement, 2014-; BMW F16 2nd-gen X6 replacement, 2014-; BMW F20 2nd-gen 1-series five-door, 2011-; BMW F21 2nd-gen 1-series three-door, 2011; BMW F22 2nd-gen 1-series coupe (badged 2-series), 2013-; BMW F23 2nd-gen 1-series cabriolet (badged 2-series), 2014-; BMW F25 2nd-gen X3, 2011-; BMW F26 1st-gen X4, 2014-; BMW F30 6th-gen 3-series saloon, 2011-; BMW F31 6th-gen 3-series Touring, 2012-; BMW F32 3-series coupe replacement (badged 4-series), 2013-; BMW F33 3-series convertible replacement (badged 4-series), 2014-; BMW F34 3-series Gran Turismo, 2013-; BMW F35 4-series four-door coupe, 2015-; BMW F36 4-series Gran Coupe; BMW F44 1-series Gran Turismo, 2014-; BMW F45 2-series Active Tourer, 2014-; BMW F46 2-series Gran Tourer, 2015-; BMW F47 X2, 2018-; BMW F48 2nd-gen X1, 2015-; BMW F52 1-series Sedan; BMW F82 M4 GTS ; BMW F87 M2 Coupe ; BMW F90 M5 saloon 2017- 


- Model Exx: BMW E84 1st-gen X1, 2009-2016    ; BMW E85 1st-gen Z4, 2003-2009    ; BMW E87 1st-gen 1-series Coupe, 2004-2011    ; BMW E88 1st-gen 1-series Convertible, 2004-2011    ; BMW E89 2nd-gen Z4, 2009-2016    ; BMW E90 5th-gen 3-series saloon, 2005-2011    ; BMW E91 5th-gen 3-series Touring, 2005-2011    ; BMW E92 (below) 5th-gen 3-series coupé, 2005-2011    ; BMW E93 5th-gen 3-series convertible, 2005-2011 ...


- Model Gxx: BMW G01 X3, 2017-; BMW G02 2nd-gen X4, 2018-; BMW G11 6th-gen 7-series 2015-; BMW G12 6th-gen 7-series LWB 2015-; BMW G14 New 8-series Cabriolet 2019-; BMW G15 New 8-series Coupe 2018-; BMW G20 New 3-series saloon 2018-BMW G21 New 3-series Touring 2019- BMW G22 New 4-series Coupe 2020-BMW G23 New 4-series Convertible 2020-; BMW G30 7th-gen 5-series 2017-; BMW G31 7th-gen 5-series Touring 2017-; BMW G38 7th-gen 5-series LWB for China 2017-BMW G80 6th-gen M3 2020-BMW G82 New M4 Coupe 2021-BMW G83 New M4 Convertible 2021-











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