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BMW X5 X6 N55 Valvetronic Transmission Malfunction Trouble Repair


This repair case shared by my friend Tom,he said one of his customer called him for BMW transmission malfunction.So here i will show you his experience in this post,hope it helps!And more BMW cases please refer to:BMW trouble repair.



BMW Models Cover:

BMW X5 X5 535

Vehicle can not start and it show transmission malfunction on display.


Use ISTA to diagnose,got below diagnostic trouble code:

36D4:DME, internal error, control Valvetronic: Malfunction

2D43:Valvetronic, adjustment range: Fault range check.

2DE3:valvetronic servomotor,activation, volt phase: line disconnection

2D44:Valvetronic system,adjustment range deviates from the original


After the perform valvetronic system initialization for extreme position,but it prompt initialization failure and it show 36D4 trouble code 58 times in system.Mechanic indicate that DME maybe damaged.


1.Replace valvetronic servo motor.

2.Check whether the camshaft is worn

3.Remove DME and disassemble PCB


4.Repalce fusible resistor on PCB


5.Replace triode 8201AG and fuel injection chip 40069


6.Repalce 625033 (communication chip) and BSD problem to replace JA1020


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