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Component Protection Remove

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Component Protection Remove

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Component protection As part of the security strategy, some parts of the modules built in the VAG vehicles, implement the so called “component protection”. This is a mechanism dedicated to prevent exchange of modules between different vehicles without central authorization from the VAG online database. these modules when moved to another vehicles activate the “component protection active” DTC and are with restricted functionality.


The component protection started its implementation first in the A8 2003+ and in the A6 2004+ vehicles. Component security is not implemented in all VAG vehicles. There are actually two types of component protection – generation 1 and generation 2.


Component protection generation 1 is implemented in the A8 2003+ vehicles, while the A6/Q7/Allroad 2004+ are using component protection generation 2 for most of the modules, and only few of the modules are using component protection generation 1. If you buy a brand new part, and replace an existing part you should not get component protection kicking in.


The issue will arise if you buy a secondhand part. Other causes When updating the firmware to 5570 it is possible that the CP will kick in, usually causing the bose amp to run on one side only. How to remove component protection This is very easy, you can't, only an audi main dealer can remove it, They will hook the car up to a server and the new parts will be registered to your car and the CP removed. providing that the new part isnt on the stolen list.


When you take it in to the dealers make sure you tell them that you have added or swapped a part and you need component protection removed else they will happily charge you for diagnosing first. Cost There is no set cost, some dealers have not charged, the last time i went iin for this they charged me 20GBP, offered to wash the car and gave me a tin of Audi sweets.


Which modules have component protection CD changer SDS module MMI controller Can Gateway Amplifier Modules Driver Identification module Air con control Instrument Cluster Modules without protection Radio module DAB radio TV tuner Navigation module AMI BT modules SAP modules Parking Controller


Support: Audi, Lamborghini, Skoda, Seats, Volkswagen, Bently

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