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Doosan Diagnostic Tool DDT & G2 Scan Software Free Download


What is DDT & G2 Scan?

Doosan Diagnostic Tool v2.05 & G2-Scan Industery 2016:

Including 5 setup :DDT SCR+DPF+G2 DCU+G2 ECU+G2 Scan DD ECU

Doosan Diagnostic Tool DDT & G2 Scan Software Free Download


Doosan Diagnostic Tool Functions:

Engine Test

1.Run-Up Test:After reconsidering Run-Up Test in e-Doctor Run-Up Test is redesign to increase reliablity

2.Shut-off Test:Shut off Test is similar to cut-off test

3.HCI-Dosing Test:HCI-Dosing Test can check the leakage from module to IU


Fault Code

Every fault has the unique code physical value from the coolant temperature sensor is greater than the predefined

Freeze Frame function is added

The fault code can be deleted by only using D.D.T before warm-up 40 cycle


Data Monitoring

The 194 data about the Engine and after treatment can be checked (Raw,Filtered Data)

The Service Data has help pop up about value

Through Snap Shot,the data about the engine can be recorded in real time without restriction


Input/Output Test (Remote Control)

Actuator test of boost pressure actuator.

Test demand of Epm_nEng

Signal test of shut off cylinder

Actuator of shut off cylinder

Actuator test of thrcttle  value actuator

Actuator test identifier for Hydrocarbon dosing valve



In D.D.T DPF,after Ash cleaning,PRV valve is changed,through the function,the setting value charge zero.


Snap Shot

The recorded Data can be seen in D.D.T and also you can change from the data to the graph.



ECU Information


Doosan Diagnostic Tool Installation Requirements:

OS: VISTA, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Win98, Windows 8 , WinJapan, WinNT, WinXP


Doosan Diagnostic Tool DDT 2016 DPF+SCR+DCU+ECU with KG+Instruction 100% work



Doosan Diagnostic Tool v2.05 & G2-Scan Industery 2016 Free Download:!gWplGIZR!OILm0HOT4iJroabBM480nQ

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