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Ford F150 Throttle Response Adjustment (No Need Tools)


Several days,I search the info about Ford F150 throttle response calibration,and find this cool post.So I put it here to share.Big thanks to the member Sirikenewtron.Below is the original content.


Not sure if this has been posted, I tried searching for it.
I do this about once a week or every other week and it’s pretty amazing how much better throttle response I get after doing this. It is for sure noticeable for me and after doing it this morning I noticed my gears held longer when shifting, (for the better) , I actually had to double check to see if I was in t/h mode.
Copied and pasted this from f150 forum ;


Throttle Calibration

Throttle calibration can substantially improve throttle responsiveness over “factory standard.” Many people notice what appears to be sluggish throttle response or a “dead area” at initial accelerator depression. Throttle calibration can take care of these.

1) turn the key in the ON position (don’t start the engine)
2) press the gas pedal down slowly all the way down
3) let go of the gas pedal fast so it come back up
4) turn key into the OFF position
Repeat steps 1-4 two more times then start engine.

Most drivers notice an immediate change in throttle response, but depending on your driving style, you may need to repeat this procedure periodically due to the computer’s adaptive programming. You likely need to repeat this procedure any time the battery is disconnected.


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