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Ford PATS Key Programming

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Ford PATS: 

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Ford PATS Key Programming


Ford PATS: SecuriLock is an engine immobilization system. It helps to prevent anyone from starting the engine without using a coded key programmed to your vehicle. Using the wrong key could prevent the engine from starting. If you are unable to start the engine with a correctly coded key, there is a problem with the system. 


Note: The Passive Anti-Theft System is not compatible with non-Ford aftermarket remote start systems. The use of these systems could result in vehicle starting problems and a loss of security protection.


PATS Function: PATS functions are available in diagnostic session for PCM and IPC ECUs in programming/coding menu.


Information about PATS state: This function displays all important information about PATS system and its state. Ford IDS doesn't provide this function

Authorization: Informs, whether secure access is permitted or forbidden (PATS operations are allowed).
Type of PATS:

  • Timed: Delay of approx. 10 minutes is required before coding.
  • Coding: Requires challengeresponse INCODE/OUTCODE authorization .

Minimal number of keys: Minimal number of programmed keys required for correct function of PATS.
Number of coded keys: Current number of programmed keys. Number should be equal to or greater than previous value, in other case trouble codes will appear fault code memory. It is very important to have correct type of transponder for every model and minimal number of keys.


**** We provide the following system related PATS services:


1. Customer Spare Key Programming Enable

2. Customer Spare Key Programming Disable

3. Erase All Keys

4. Number Of Keys Programmed

5. Program Additional Ignition Key

6. Unlimited Key Mode


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