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- GM Techline

- GM Tech2win



ID: GM_SW_001 Category: OEM SOFTWARE

GM Techline:

- Techline Connect (formerly TIS2Web) is the internet-based subscription service for GM vehicle calibrations, Global Diagnostic System software, and scan tool hardware updates. This single application covers all technical problems accurately and efficiently by integrating Service Information, programming, and scan tool diagnostics into a one-stop shop.


- Helps improve profits by bringing diagnostics and repairs in-house
- Saves time by helping to diagnose GM vehicles quickly and accurately
- Quickly looks up vehicle calibrations 
- Provides access to trained experts for time-sensitive issues related to the operation of GM software
- Offers multiple subscription options to better fit your service and diagnostics needs
- Compatible with a variety of GM makes and models


GM Tech2win:


- Tech2Win provides a virtual environment that allows General Motors Tech 2 diagnostic software to run on a PC. By obtaining a General Motors TIS subscription for Tech2Win and installing the application, a technician can perform OEM diagnostic functions for powertrain, chassis, and body systems on Cadillac, Buick, GMC, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn, Chevrolet, and Hummer vehicles.

- The software’s diagnostic features and reporting capabilities include reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes, viewing data parameters, operating output controls, and executing system tests.

-  GDS2 is supported on 2014 models and newer—support on earlier model year vehicles varies between Tech2Win and GDS2 software





- The Development Programming System (DPS) application is a 32-bit windows based application used for the flash programming of General Motors electronic control units (ECU) and verification of Service Programming. DPS is a development tool intended for the GM engineering community and ECU suppliers. It is designed to interface with SAE J2534-compliant hardware interfaces during the communication process. 

- DPS is used by all groups in GM as well as other groups supporting a GM product or ECU, such as GM suppliers, joint venture groups, educational institutions, and over 10,000 other users.

- This includes programming an ECU, clearing DTCs, reading ECU data, testing Type 4 applications, ECU configuration (XML), ECU Bypass Ticket writing, selecting a VIN for programming, and more. While the programming dialog is open, the menu bar changes to include new options.






- The GM Service Programming System (SPS) is a personal computer (PC) application used to reprogram vehicle electronic control modules (ECMs). The SPS application programs General Motors programmable control modules by using the Tech 2 Flash or the Next Generation scan tool as a “pass-thru” device to communicate program data to the vehicle control module. All programming steps are activated and finalized through the PC.

- The Service Programming System (SPS) is a PC application that updates (programs or reprograms) the flash calibration files that are stored in a vehicle’s ECM. To do this, the application reads VIN information from the vehicle, extracts the correct update data from the SPS application’s data files, then updates the vehicle reprogrammable memory with the data.