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How to Change BMW F-series coding Values


Easy step by step guide on how to change bmw f-series coding values.In this article i will show the detail to change bmw f10 coding values with BMW Coding Software E-sys.



Change bmw f-series coding values procedure:


  1. Connect the ENET (Ethernet toOBD) cable with vehicle via OBD socket
    Wait until LAN network adapter in task bar has established limited network capacity
    3. Open ZGW-SEARCH.exe
    4. Open E-sys software
    5. Click the connection icon
    6. Select your F series model, selection Connection via VIN and click continue
    7. Follow system prompt. Click “Read(VCM)”
    8. Select CADF with a green check mark file under the module you want to read, select “Coding Read Data”
    9. Close error report windows pops up
    10. New option under CADF, a folder. Expand the folder and right click the file, select “EDIT FDL”
    11. Browse the folder, you will find your option, for example KOMFORTSCHLIESSUNG-FB
    12. Factory option set to nicht-active. Right click, select “Edit”
    13. Then click werte value, click “Edit”

How to Change BMW F-series coding Values-1

  1. The option to change the value in the lower window. Change current value with new, click the button on the right

How to Change BMW F-series coding Values-2

  1. Change werte value==00 to werte value==FF, save settings

How to Change BMW F-series coding Values-3

  1. Open same file under “File Name”. It shows file name and location

How to Change BMW F-series coding Values-4

  1. The E-SYS software display new value name and werte value

How to Change BMW F-series coding Values-518Save settings
19. Right click FA, select “Activate FA”
20. Select CAFD file you just edited and select “CODE DFL”
21. When DFL coding completed. Close the error report windows.
22. Werte value changing procedure now is completed.
23. Exit the BMW E-sys software and disconnect the ENET interface from vehicle.

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