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How to Download Parameter Files by ODIS Diagnostic Software


This instruction show you guide on how to use ODIS diagnostic software to download parameter files.


Here take year before 2018 A6C7,A4B8,Q3 and A1

Access diagnostic special function–SVM (recommend plug power adapter for your vehicle)


After then access Regulation/actual comparison and input GEKO account,it will compare all control modules on vehicle.If will download parameter when new control units found or control modules parameters incorrect,then you are available to related folder to save.


After comparison done,it will download automatically parameter data files to ODIS installation path:\Offboard+Diagnostic_Information_System_Service\configuration\org.eclipse.osgi\bundles.

(Note:Crack version in 114 folder,and some original factory in \data\dms2)



For new A4B9,A5,Q7 please follow this guide:

Click the control modules that you want to download parameter file,access “SVM”


Here take A4 rear door as example,it show you below window if you without programming power connected,click “Finish/Continue”


If you select “SVM-Control units configuration” before

After input GEKO account,it will calculate current control unit parameter and code.


If you select “Upgrade control unit”

After input GEKO account,it will start configuring for parameters.


Open ODIS installation folder:\Offboard+Diagnostic_Information_System_Service\configuration\org.eclipse.osgi\bundles.(Note:Crack version in 114 folder,and some original factory in \data\dms2) before parameters configuration done.


Parameters files will show in different format as below picture:


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