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How to Program A New Key for Toyota Solara 2002 Solara by Yourself


This DIY guide share by one of my blog readers ” artzc “,here is re-edit it to show you how to program a new key (add new key) for Toyota Solara 2002 by yourself no need any devices.And if you need more instruction on Toyota locksmith,please check here:Toyota Key Programming

How to Program A New Key for Toyota Solara 2002 Solara by Yourself


Add New Spare Key for Toyota Solara:

1) Place an already programmed Master key (one that works all locks) in the ignition, but DO NOT turn on.
2) Press the GAS pedal five (5) times.
3) Press the BRAKE pedal six (6) times.
4) Remove the key from the ignition.
5) Insert the new key, but DO NOT turn it on.
6) Press the GAS pedal one (1) time only and wait about a minute for the security light to quit flashing.
7) Remove the key and Press the BRAKE pedal one (1) time only.
Wait at least ten (10) seconds, then re-insert the new key and start the car.

You can have a maximum of ten (10) transponder keys programmed into your car.

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