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How to Solve ODIS-Engineering ODS8001E Error


Some my blog read after installing ODIS Engineering software,when connect to car it prompt with ODS8001E error.But when they running ODIS diagnostic service program work fine,only ODIS-Engineering software occur ODS8001E error.So here i will show you the solution.



Run ODIS service software go to “System environment” to check which PDU-API version run here,in this example it is 1.20.035

Now we need edit pdu_api-root file in the path:C:\ProgramData\D-PDU API

And then we edit the paths that indicate which version to use, in my case it looks like this:





In this example replace it with 1.20.035


Then go to the folder C: \ ODIS-DIAG-MODULES- ENGIN \ MCD-SERVER \ VWMCD and edit the file MCD3D_SERVER.ini
find line MCD3D_MVCI_PDU_API_Shortname and rules it in this form:


Now start ODIS E. If it doesn’t work right away, you can manually push the process)
To do this, go to ODIS E -> Configuration -> Diagnostic interface


Click to change the VCI interface and select VAS5054


Our VAS with a serial number should appear in the list that opens, select it


Click OK


Now in the system parameters we see the PDU-API version 1.20.035


Now you can definitely work! I use projects from ODIS Service, it automatically picks up VW316C


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