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How to Update Isuzu IDSS II to the NEW Isuzu Diagnostic Service System


Please read the following updated instructions for upgrading IDSS II to the NEW Isuzu Diagnostic Service System software. You do NOT need to create or reset your IDSS registration code for this installation.


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1.New IDSS is no longer supported on Windows XP.

2.Your IDSS must be Up To Date.

3.Your old registration information will automatically be migrated to the new IDSS software.

4.DO NOT uninstall your current IDSS software through the Add / Remove program area in Windows. The New IDSS installation procedure handles removing your current IDSS.

5.If you experience permission issue warnings during the installation process try to reboot your computer and login as an Administrator.

6.The entire process to install NEW IDSS can take up to 4 to 5 hours.

Isuzu IDSS Update Instruction:

1.Before attempting to install the new software, make sure CURRENT IDSS is updated to at least 10.7.5, and the status must show “Completed” as shown below.

2.After ensuring CURRENT IDSS is up to date, reboot your computer.

3.Login to the computer as an Administrator.

*IMPORTANT: Administrator access is required to perform the installation.

4.Insert the flashdrive/DVD with the New IDSS software.

5.Double click on the file: IDSSLauncher.exe.

6.The installer will then proceed with automatically uninstalling your current IDSS and then it will install NEW IDSS.

7.If you have any problems installing from the flashdrive/DVD, or the flashdrive/DVD is not available, the software and installation instructions can be downloaded from Login to IsuzuTruckService using your dealer code login. Upon logging in you will immediately see an announcement about the New Isuzu Diagnostic Service System. Download the software and extract it from the ZIP file. Once extracted there will be a folder called IDSS_1.1.1.

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