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How to Use OTR Reset Tool to Regen DPF for International ProStar 2012


In this instruction i will show you guide on how to use OTR reset tool to forced regen DPF for 2012 International ProStar Maxxforce 13.




Before DPF regen,we perform a fault code reset for warning lights

Turn on ignition and wait one minutes.

Connect OTR reset tool to International ProStar diagnostic port


Then we need wait about 1 minute,just check time on your mobile phone timer.


If you want to reset after-treatment system,just keep OTR reset tool connected 3 minutes.


And if you need do DPF regen,please warm up your truck and parking your brake set or your clutch.Everything is in neutral and you want to plug in the reset tool after the truck has been warmed up and started for at least one minute after you plug in the OTR reset tool.


It will take about 30 minutes to 60 minutes to complete.Sometime it takes longer just depending on how full your PDF filter is.


During DPF regen,there is a lot of smoke coming out of your tailpipe that could be that just it’s burning the out of the DPF filter.So make sure your truck in a good open area to run a forced DPF regen.



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