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Launch X431 Brake Pad Calibration for Porsche Panamera 2007


When replacing the brake pad, it prompts: Left actuator air gap:2.747, right actuator air gap: 2.915, gap is out of tolerance, the value shall be between 1.9mm and 2.4mm.Here is the instruction show you guide on how to use Launch X431 to calibrate Brake pad after replacement for Porsche Panamera 2007.More post about Porsche repair,please check here:Porsche trouble repair.




The procedure of replacing brake pad on Porsche Panamera must be strictly performed according to the requirement listed in the service index.

After the replacement of brake pad, check the basic setting of the parking brake. Check the gap of the handbrake pad (standard gap is 1.9mm-2.4mm). Continue if it is OK.

For the replacement of steel brake pad, calibration is performed only after the run-in.


Operation Guideline:

1.Select Porsche Version V21.26 or above.

2.Select automatic search.

3.Select system selection.

4.Select parking brake.

5.Select special function


6.Select service index, read the index information


7.To replace the brake pad, select the function of “Put the brake pad to the installation position”. After carrying out the function successfully as prompted, replace the brake pad.

8.After the installation of new brake pad, select the function of “Check the basic setting of parking brake”


9.Click “OK” button, the actuator will complete a process of tension and release


10.Click “Next” to check the gap of the brake pad, see Picture 5.Note, the standard gap for Porsche Panamera (as of 2011) is 1.9mm-2.4mm. If out of this range, please manually adjust it. If the value is not in the normal range, the status is an exclamation mark. If within the normal range, the status shows OK


11.Click “Next” to complete the function of “Check the basic setting of parking brake”


12.After adjusting the gap, select “run-in” to run in the steel brake pad


13.After the replacement of brake pad, perform run-in! This function equals to adaptive learning. The instrument panel will prompt “Parking system enters maintenance mode”. This function requires one person to drive and another person to operate the decoder software. It also has strict requirement to the site. Be well prepared. Follow the decoder software’s prompt, after 8 times of correct operations of driving speed and time and stop time, the decoder software will prompt successful run-in and write into the control unit


14.Select “Calibration”


15.After satisfying the calibration conditions, click OK to perform the “Calibration” of the parking brake. When it prompts the calibration completed, the software operation of replacing the brake pad is completed


16.Click “Next” to complete and exit. Turn ignition off and on again to test the vehicle. When everything is OK, the procedure of replacing brake pad is completed.


More Launch X431 Training article,please check here:Launch X431 use guide

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