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Mercedes Benz Diagnostic new car 2022+

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ID: MERC_SV_006 Category: SERVICES


For the Mercedes W223 W206 W167 W213FL SCN Diagnostic Offline with Mercedes XENTRY Diagnosis VCI C6 Original is a MUST to have before we start, also fast smooth internet speed is necessary for the SCN coding remote support.


The VCI used so successfully before in XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3 is also part of the scope of supply for XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 4.It’s a Mercedes dealer of the current generation, is removed from production: it is replaced by Xentry Diagnosis VCI from Bosch. The NEW Xentry Diagnosis VCI is fundamentally different for the better from its predecessor: easy and convenient, without built-in PCs and hard drives inside, no fans, battery and display


Note: the Mercedes Xentry Diagnosis VCI is 2nd hand used condition but original OEM which will work with the Mercedes Xentry Diagnosis 12/2021 on W223 W206 W213FL and W167 2022 models and work with Mercedes SCN offline diagnostic and online programming and coding for the new models.


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