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Mercedes Benz

Mercedes ECOM


Mercedes-Benz Original Actia I+ME eCOM Box do IP VEDIAMO Monaco DTS COMAND NTG5 MBUX and work with the latest Xentry 12/2021 diagnosis W223 W206 W213FL etc.

ID: MERC_HW_002 Category: OEM Hardware

You are looking at the original Actia I+ME eCOM Box. These diagnostic multiplexers are not sold to anyone except Mercedes-Benz and their vendors to be able to develop and test the control modules during and after the development of cars.


With this multiplexer device you have unprecedented access to control units in your and your customer's cars.


Mercedes-Benz has released information that certain control units like the Bosch ME will soon be locked for standard multiplexers and will only be accessible with eCOM devices.


Our eCOM supports DoIP for fast control unit flashing.


These multiplexers come directly from Actia I+ME Germany. If the buyer would like to see the original invoice with the serial number on it I'll be happy to provide it after purchase.


What is included:

- 1 Multiplexer with unique 200xxx serial number

- LAN Adapter

- OBD Cable (value $100)

- Quick Start Manual

- Handbook

- Adapter

- SDconnect patch from Actia I+ME for serials over 200xxx

- Original Box


NO SOFTWARE INCLUDED. Works with Vediamo, Xentry and DTS Monaco.