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NCS Expert Common Errors and Solution


While working with NCS Expert you may run into some cryptic error messages. This article lists a few common errors and tries to explain how to avoid/fix them.


COAPI-1020: can not open file for reading – Make sure the FSW_PSW.MAN manipulation file is present in the C:\NCSEXPER\WORK\ folder, even if you don’t intend to code. If the file is seemingly present,Windows may be fooling you by hiding the real extension. You may be seeing FSW_PSW.MAN, but the file may actually be called FSW_PSW.MAN.txt which obviously does not work. Disable the Windows functionality to hide extensions for known file types and fix the file name.


COAPI-1063: CABD-parameter error – This error occurs when you try to perform a job that is not supported by the module. The most common cause is trying to perform nettodata coding on a module that does not support it.


COAPI-1141: FSW faulty or COAPI-1142: PSW faulty – These error messages are usually caused after the FSW_PSW.MAN file was forgotten to be emptied after coding. Empty (not delete) FSW_PSW.MAN and the error message should be gone.


COAPI-1143: error during processing of CBD-file – If you modified NCS Expert DATEN files using the NCS Dummy disassembly tool, double-check your changes for errors. Otherwise check the FSW_PSW.MAN file for errors and make sure NCS Expert is using the correct module.



COAPI-2000: EDIABAS or SGBD error – This one can point at many different errors. If “VIN is faulty” is shown as well, your interface is probably not configured properly or you are using a wrong interface for the car. Some interfaces need pins 7 and 8 connected for certain BMW models and disconnected for others. Otherwise the error may indicate outdated NCS Expert DATEN files. Update the files in C:\NCSEXPER\DATEN\, C:\NCSEXPER\SGDAT\ and C:\EDIABAS\ECU\ to the latest versions.


COAPI-2020: no answer from ECU – You are trying to communicate with a module that is not installed or dead.


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