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Porsche Panamera Engine can not start:P0341 P0346 P250D


A owner of Porsche Panamera 2012 which have 38 thousands kilometer distance said his Panamera engine can not start,and ask our technician help to fix the issue.Here we share the experience about Porsche Panamera engine can not start real case fixing guide.



Engine cannot start trouble diagnose:

Our technician try to start the engine find that the starter works correctly but cannot start engine.So our technician read the trouble code by car diagnostic tool,and found below:


P0341:Camshaft position sensor 1

P0346:Camshaft position sensor 2

P250D:Oil Level sensor faults


According to the trouble code read above,technician check the intake camshaft and exhaust camshaft,find both of them work fine.Then use multi meter to measure the voltage of camshaft position sensors,it showed 0v(normally 12v).Check the power supply line of the camshaft position sensor and find that the fuse F29 in the left fuse box is blown.Try to replace the fuse, the fuse is still blown, it indicating that there is a short circuit in the circuit


Auto technician get informatio about fuse F29 wire supply power for right/left camshaft position sensor and oil level sensor.Disconnect the left and right intake camshaft position sensor and oil oil level sensor wire connector, one by one test and found there is a short circuit in the oil level sensor electric road.And if disconect the oil level sensor wire connector, the engine can start


Focus on the oil level sensor and check its related lines. Eliminate short circuit situation on the oil level sensor line , to determine the fault is caused the oil level sensor internal short circuit.

Solution:replace oil level sensor.


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