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Benz SLA GLA TSA Speed Limit Assist for Certain Carlines


Speed Limit Assist combines Speed Limit Info with the Active Cruise Control of your MINI and thus allows you to predictively adopt a detected speed limit manually or dynamically for the Active Cruise Control

Since 2009 the speed limit assistant was integrated quiet rudimental.He does regconize the speed limits but not the clearing speed limits.This function has been given by a software update. And some additional signs are recognizted as well.Speed Limit Assist

Later this system has been upgraded to the TSA (raffic Sign asst).

This system recognized “do not overtake” signs and oneway signs.

Both systems work similar.

After two km the limit is deleted if it is not repeated

Now a small abstract:

Requirement is the cam in the windshield.

But not every cam works.

For example the nightvision cam is not suitable

The multifunctioncam does 3 fucntions

The Stereocam has even more functions

A basic variant is the ILS and IHC.

This cam is not able to recognize signs.

This cam just regulates the full beam

The premium variant doe the IHC and the SLA or TSA and lane assist

Just cars with a lane assist may have activated the Sign recognizion by coding

All other need to have some options changed.

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