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TunerPro & TunerPro RT Software Free Download


What is TunerPro?

TunerPro ( a special software for automobile ECU tuning function.TunerPro provide a free platform to make your ECU tuning work be easier and cheaper.


TunerPro Functions & Features:

Full bin editing capability raw or via definition referencing

Full bin definition editing capability including reordering and item comments

Import definitions from various formats

2D Graphing with multi-point dragging

3D Graphing with multi-point dragging, surface plot, colored height map, rotation, translation, and zoom

Full-featured math engine with support for dozens of common functions (e.g. sin, cos, min, max, etc) and referential calculation (output from one calculation can be used as input for another)

Table manipulation functions for scaling rows, columns, and entire tables

3D table smoothing functionality with user-defined alpha

Compare the current bin to up to 4 other bins at once

Includes a bin stacking tool for compiling multiple bins into one image

Bin Change Logging – changes can be auto-saved to a log file for easy tracking

Search for items by title keyword, address, or size

Rapidly list the differences between two bin files

View bins graphically for finding patterns and tables

Export bin data/contents to a plain text file for easy viewing and/or printing

Table range selection and editing ability – pull fuel/spark out of regions with minimal effort

Ability to Copy/Paste tables to/from Excel for extensive editing

Full-featured raw hex/octal/binary/dec editor

Easily check for and download the latest available version directly from the menus

Plug-in architecture for end-user extensibility



TunerPro RT Functions & Features:

TunerPro RT Include all features of TunerPro free version,and it can do the functions list below extra:

Emulation functionality – Fully supports nearly all of Craig Moates’s hardware as well as XTronics Romulator, and Bob Bailey’s MAF Translator Pro, with plug-ins available for other hardware

In-editor support for burning and reading PROMs with Craig Moates’s Flash & Burn and AutoProm.

Simultaneously emulate and data log using AutoProm or serial->USB converter

Multiple emulator support for 16-bit applications

Real-time data monitoring and logging – record to file for later playback

Fully customizable dashboard and data graphing for easy viewing of real-time data in-car

View/Log 3 additional channels of A/D (WBO2, etc) using the AutoProm

Easily view engine parameters and state information via dockable tab windows

View real-time data history in multi-series side scrolling charts

Plot real-time data trends using histograms

TunerPro RT natively supports the following hardware

Moates AutoProm (APU1)

Moates Flash & Burn (BURN1)

Moates Flash & Burn 2 (BURN2)

Moates Quarterhorse

Moates Roadrunner

Moates Ostrich

Moates Ostrich 2.0

Moates Demon

Moates Jaybird J3

Moates OBDI USB ALDL Interface (ALDU1)

Moates F3 Ford Memory Adapter / FA Ford Module Programming Adapter

F8 Destiny Programmer / F8 Multi-Position Chip

Xtronics Romulator I

Xtronics Romulator II

Bailey Engineering / Full Throttle Technologies MAF Translator Pro



TunerPro supports Vehicle Brand List:

GM OBDI (pre-96), Ford EECIV and EECV, early and mid-90’s Nissan, DSM (Mitsubishi), Buell, BMW, Porsche, Renault (Fenix 1 and 3), Ducati, and more.


TunerPro & TunerPro RT Installation Requirements:

CUP:1 GHz processor
RAM:512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
OS:Microsoft Windows® XP SP3 or later (32-bit or 64-bit)
Display:800 x 600 minimum supported resolution


TunerPro & TunerPro RT Free Download:

Download Latest TunerPro

Current Version: 5.00.9209 – Download (16.5 MB)


Download Latest TunerPro RT

Current Version: 5.00.9209 – Download (17.3 MB)


Plug-ins for TunerPro RT can be downloaded here


TunerPro & TunerPro RT Price:

TunerPro is free for download and register,but for TunerPro RT need donate $39 to register.

If need paid version,please go to official website to buy,click here

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