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VAG ODIS Service

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VAG ODIS Service

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VAG ODIS Service


- ODIS Service (Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service) - dealer software for working with VAG-group cars (replaced the outdated VAS PC).


- The adapter supports all currently existing diagnostic protocols, which allows access to 201X machines and then the VAS 5054A can be connected to a computer via a USB port or via BlueTooth.


- VAS 5054A and ODIS Service allow you to work with a car on the same level with an official dealer of the concern, performing the whole range of work on car maintenance: diagnostics, coding, programming, etc.

- ODIS Service - for VAG (Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda, Lamborghini, Bentley) can be installed on VAS 5051B, VAS 5052A, VAS 6150, VAS 6150A, VAS 6150B, VAS 6160 or on standard desktop or laptop computers and used with VAS5054a, VAS 5055, CarDAQ-Plus, iFlash, PassThru SAE J2534, OpenPort….






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